Eastman AR880CE-SB John Pisano Signature Archtop Guitar 5457


Fast-playing maple back and sides professional archtop in a great sunburst.

What we think:

We usually have several of these Pisano signature models in a time and this one plays better than any one in the shop. There's not a chord you can throw at this guitar that won't be an absolute cinch. The frets are nice and tall and the neck is just plain comfortable. The full-size body with a smaller than average body width is also a drastic improvement over typical archtop construction, it's perfect for long gigs or practice sessions. Tonally this model is also a monster, it's got great archtop punch but with a little bit of welcome darkness that contributes to a underlying great mellowness. In short, this is the guitar for the player looking for their first pro-level archtop, or the very established player looking for a pro-level workhouse.

Manufacturer Description:

World renowned jazz guitarist John Pisano personally designed his signature model archtop guitar from top to bottom. Working closely with Eastman craftsmen, John included all of the features and performance he ever wanted in a guitar. John also collaborated with noted pickup designer Kent Armstrong to create a custom humbucking pickup that captures the complete tonal spectrum of John’s creation. The result is a magnificent instrument that sounds as glorious plugged in as it does acoustically.

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