Eastman E20-OM Adirondack/Rosewood Acoustic Guitar 5451


Handcarved Adirondack Spruce Top! high quality Orchestra Model that may replace your major brands guitars

What we think:

What a great model!  Eastman has combined a bodystyle immediately associated with fingerstyle guitarand tonewoods usually found on instruments destined for plectrum-driven lead and rhythym playing.  Take into account the attention to detail evident in the maker's insistence on a dove-tailed neck joint and handcarved bracing...what other maker is offering that level of craftsmanship at this kind of price?  The sheer quality and versatility of this model beckon guitar players one and all to enjoy a instrument with value far exceeding that of many major brandname guitars!

Manufacturer Description:

The Eastman Traditional Series is inspired by the great flattops of the Golden Era. While modern production gradually drifts further from the discipline that created this legacy, Eastman embraces it. The result is a brilliant tribute to the iconic guitars of the 30's and 40's.

The Eastman Orchestra Model is most popular size among fingerstyle guitarists. Large enough to be heard playing in a group. They are tight and focused, with added volume.

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