Eastman E20D Adirondack/Rosewood Acoustic Guitar 5788


ADIRONDACK and ROSEWOOD traditional dreadnought guitar!

What we think:

If you played this guitar blindfolded, you'd have a hard time believing you weren't playing a 28-style flat-top from a builder charging thousands more. Overtone-rich rosewood creates a bright, exciting tone that would lend itself perfectly to flat-picking. The Adirondack top is fast and jumps right out at you. This guitar is traditionally appointed with attractive herringbone trim and star-fret markers. If you're looking to jam traditional music with an appropriate instrument, or have a great acoustic to sing with, this is the guitar you've been looking for!

Manufacturer Description:

The Eastman Traditional Series is inspired by the great flattops of the Golden Era. While modern production gradually drifts further from the discipline that created this legacy, Eastman embraces it. The result is a brilliant tribute to the iconic guitars of the 30's and 40's.

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