Eastman EBJ-WL1 Open Back 5 String Banjo


If you're looking for a historic banjo that won't break (or break the bank), look no further! Gorgeous and classic tone and design from our friends at Eastman! 

What we think:

Painstakingly researched and designed, this banjo is proof that Eastman can truly achieve anything they set their minds to. The tone is balanced and lonesome. The kind of banjo you can perform with solo. Dynamic and not too harsh. Mellow and bright in equal parts. Rob Sharer, our luthier, put it through its paces and came out smiling like a little kid..."This one is clawhammer approved". I'm more of a frailer, myself. . .

Manufacturer Description:

The Eastman EBJ-WL1 is a faithful recreation of a 1903 A. C. Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No. 2. We worked very closely with world renowned vintage instrument expert John Bernunzio over a three year period to develop this awe-inspiring work of art. It is reverse engineered from an extant example of the iconic open backed turn-of-the-century banjo and mimics the original in every way with the exception of the geared tuners. All of the materials employed in the EBJ-WL1 are period correct with maple neck and rim and ebony fingerboards. The rim is light weight, 3/8” thick and 10-3/4” in diameter. The scale length is 26”.

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