Eastman El Rey ER2-SB Sunburst Archtop Guitar 1223


Eastman "El Rey" Deluxe Jazz Acoustic/Electric Sunburst Archtop Guitar

What we think:

This ER2 is absolutely speaking to my soul! The lightweight and curvaceous body are as comfortable as can be and bring an unmatched sense of calm when playing. The acoustic properties are authoritative and demand your attention from the first note. The top end is bright and balanced and the Ebony board just brings the perfect amount of action to any fingerstylist trying to add a little attack to a warmer sound. The El Rays are causing commotion and there's no wonder why after our first encounter with these.

Manufacturer Description:

The next-generation electric archtop is here! Solid Spruce Top, Solid Maple back and sides with a broad tonal palette; from jazz to blues to rock. Superior feedback suppression at high volumes.

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