Eastman MD504 Spruce/Maple A-Style Mandolin 6226


Classically styled archtopped A-style, with an oval hole!

What we think:

This is a sweet little traditional mandolin, with great slightly dark A-style tone. It's a great mandolin for someone who wants an appropriate instrument for folk or Irish music, it doesn't have that bright bite and aggressive tone that bluegrass mandolins have. It sports a classy dark stain finish that still highlights the topwood grain. The rosette around the soundhole is just plain cool!

Manufacturer Description:

Primarily the choice of players involved in European or Celtic music, these hand carved mandolins reflect the pride of fine craftspeople, originally trained to build Eastman’s high quality violins. All the A style mandolins are solid wood instruments, built in the traditional manner one at at a time.

  • The simple elegance of traditional hand-craftsmanship and quality tonewoods
  • Carved Solid Spruce top, Carved Maple back and sides
  • Warm, woody tones recall the fine vintage instruments of the past

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