Eastman MD815V Varnish Finish Adirondack/Maple Mandolin 6489


F-style with f-holes spirit varnish!

What we think:

Adirondack spruce top gives that crystal clear bark and punch you'd want in your f-style, and the highly flamed maple back and sides tie it all together! The oil varnish finish feels like a dream and it sounds even better. What an incredible mandolin at a price point that's tough to beat. Anything nicer than this will easily be a few thousand dollars more expensive.

Manufacturer Description:

The luthiers at Eastman Strings are recognized worldwide as the creators of some of today's finest violin family instruments and archtop guitars. They have now applied their knowledge and expertise to the handcrafting of vintage style mandolins. Available in A, F and 2-point styles, Eastman mandolins are made to the same exacting standards as the great mandolins of the 1920's. The combination of Eastman's luthiery skills with tonewoods previously reserved for fine violins results in a classically beautiful instrument possessing unrivalled projection and richness of tone.

Individually handcrafted using time-honored methods & premium hand-carved solid tonewoods. Solid Adirondack Spruce Top, solid Highly-flamed Maple back & sides. Ebony fingerboard & adjustable ebony bridge with F-style body with F-holes for warm, ringing tones & excellent sound projection.

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