Eastman Intermediate Model VL305 Violin NAMM


This may just look like a strange guitar but it's actually a violin with a killer Schertler pickup system! Hand-picked from the 2014 NAMM show!

What we think:

Eastman strives to produce instruments that harken back to a by-gone era of craftsmanship, a this violin truly has broken-in warm tone. It's completely devoid of a harshness in the high frequencies that usually accompanies new violins. Simply put: this is a violin with a fiddle setup that is ready to go to the jam, or to the stage via the pickup system. It's a great and affordable way to great coveted broken-in violin tone without the hassle of an old instrument, no fingerboards to replane, no slipping pegheads. 

It's very rare that we receive non-fretted instruments and even rarer that we would receive one that requires a bow. However we can't pass up the opportunity to acquire an excellent instrument of any kind and with our coterie of bluegrass musicians, we wanted to be able to outfit them with any instrument they may need. For a limited time, Soundpure is your one-stop shop for building the bluegrass band of your dreams!

Manufacturer Description:

Players and teachers recognize in the model 305 an instrument with a strong tonal and visual personality.These are the qualities that make it one of our most popular models.

Eastman Strings is widely recognized as a leading maker and distributor of fine stringed instruments and bows ranging from fractional size instruments for young beginners to outstanding master instruments and bows for advanced and professional players. Over the years, we have striven to supply musicians with the best possible quality at reasonable prices.


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