Elysia xFilter - Stereo Linked EQ


a true stereo equalizer with a 100% Class-A signal path, delivering an exceptionally open sound with flawless transient handling and rock solid punch.

Manufacturer Description:

Its exceptional sonic characteristics, in combination with its versatile functionality, make the xfilter the perfect choice for processing individual signals, creative sound shaping, mix buss duties, and even the most demanding mastering work.
The xfilter’s dual high and low shelf bands have the unique ability to change to high and low cut filters
with resonance - a special feature borrowed from elysia’s flagship equalizer, the museq. The xfilter also
provides two mid peak filters with switchable (wide or narrow) Q factor. In addition to its four flexible
active bands, the xfilter features a unique selectable fixed LC filter for polishing the high frequency range.
This passive filter mainly consists of a capacitor and a coil per channel that produce a slight resonance
peak around 12kHz, focusing the saturation-like storage effect of the coil on the area around the peak
without excessively pushing the entire high frequency spectrum.
By linking its two channels, the xfilter eliminates the task of matching the settings for left and right. All
stepped potentiometers ensure a fast and precise recall of earlier settings. Every single dual and quad
layer pot is measured with custom computer routines, with only the perfect ones going into production
units. A special series of ultra-low tolerance film capacitors guarantee an even more precise stereo image.
The new rack version sports a high-grade linear power supply with shielded toroidal transformer, and is
housed in a super lightweight yet sturdy full aluminum chassis. Both XLR and balanced ¼” inputs and
outputs are provided, assuring total compatibility with any live or recording scenario.

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