Elysia Xpressor - Stereo Compressor


The same industry-leading feature set and audio quality as the Xpressor 500 PLUS External Side Chaining! One of our favorite dynamics processors just got even better in 19" format.

What we think:

I’ve never been one to lightly throw out the “L” word, so you can trust that when I say this I truly, sincerely mean it with 100% of my being - I've fallen in love with the Elysia Xpressor.  
So what exactly is it about this 2-channel dynamics processor that’s convinced me to utter such a powerful 4 letter word? Well, for starters you have a wet/dry mix knob, a feature I’m surprised more compressors don’t include despite the incredible versatility it provides. You’ve got a “warmth” button to quickly add some extra analog tone to your signal (great for beefing up your drum bus or vocal tracks) as well as a selectable side chain filter to help ensure you’re not getting any mix bus pumping from your heavy-hitting kick. But what really separates this compressor from the rest of the two-channel dynamics processors out there is the incredible power and control that comes from the greater than infinity (negative) ratios and the “GRL” or Gain Reduction Limiter knob. That’s right, negative ratios, meaning  the output volume actually gets pulled below your threshold any time the incoming audio exceeds your set threshold. While this naturally lends itself to create some pretty aggressive sounds, setting the GRL knob to restrict the amount of compression to just a few dBs can result in some very usable sounds within even a more traditional, less effect-heavy mix. 
I’ve been using the Xpressor on drum bus pretty extensively (I’d love to try it on other sources, but I’ve only got one and I just can’t pull it off my drum bus!). Sonically the Xpressor covers a HUGE range of characters - it can be a very smooth, transparent bus compressor used to bring up your RMS level without any standard compression artifacts (with ratios as low as 1.2, the Xpressor can definitely do subtle if that’s what you’re after). It can also get incredibly punchy and heavy hitting, just check what it does to the drum track in Elysia’s demo video - it does not disappoint.

Manufacturer Description:

You're looking for a stereo compressor. You want pristine sound and can't accept compromise in terms of signal quality. You don't want a one trick pony, but a flexible machine that covers all the standards and then some. And ruining yourself in order to get it is not really an option...
You're looking for the xpressor. Its discrete audio path running in constant class-A mode combines a clear and open sound with a good lot of punch. The clearly laid out functions get you going straight away, while the extended features let you treat dynamics like never before.
Stereo buss compression, processing single signals, approaching dynamics in creative ways – the xpressor shines in many different applications. And should you take your equipment on the road, you'll certainly enjoy the rigid full aluminum enclosure cutting weight into half.

• Discrete Class-A Topology - Pristine audio quality.
• Auto Fast Attack - Perfect attack in any situation.
• Switchable Release Characteristic - Smooth or crisp – the choice is yours.
• Warm Mode - Transparency? Saturation? Both!
• Bulletproof Lightweight - Aluminum housing, panel and knobs.
• Parallel Compression - Mixing direct and compressed signals.
• Sidechain Filter - Frequency selective compression.
• Sidechain Send & Return - External compression access.
• Gain Reduction Limiter - Ultimate control on the compression process.
• Made in Germany - Outstanding component and build quality.

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