The most underrated guitar on the planet. Anybody who loves a P90 has to love these old Epiphone solid bodies. The Coronet (single pickup) and Wilshire (two pickup) have had a place in my very small personal collection for a long time. I play the Wilshire a lot more than the Coronet so the Coronet is going. Remarkably versatile for a single pickup guitar, the Coronet is a worthy competitor to the Fender Esquire for about a third the price (or less). The later Coronets from 64 to 69 are great too but they have a narrow nut that makes them somewhat less desirable. I prefer the 61 to the 62 or 63. Gibson started using the "lightning" tailpiece in 62. The 61's have a simple angled wrap tail. These guitars are built for rock and roll. A P90 will nail the classic rock tones you have in your head. Neck is wide and medium profile (.83" at the first and .89" at the 12th). The P90 reads 8.05K. There is very little actual wear but the finish has faded on the front and the back of the neck and there are a few dings and scratches here and there. All in all, I'd call it an 8.5. There is a corner of the guard that has broken off but the piece is still there under a washer holding it down. See photos.

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