Up for sale is a very early1960 Epiphone Century with a modern hardshell case!

This lovely guitar has a most excellent and vibrant burst finish! The electronics, all original Minus a small wiring lengthening to relax the tension on the original harness. Both original Centralab pots show the code 134-5944 putting their manufacture the 44th week of 1959! The tone cap is original as is the pickup, the pickup reads a strong 8.4 Ohms of resistance.

The guitar has never been refretted, and shows no sign of needing one in the near future! Neck angle is absolutely optimal, the original bridge is well hydrated and set for another 65 years of play!
There is a small area of play wear on the back of the guitar, shown in the photos, it is about 3"x4" and likely from a belt buckle.
The tuners are all original and glide as smooth as they left the factory in 1960.
There is the original Epiphone label showing brightly through the F-hole proclaiming its serial and model number.

All in all the guitar has survived 65 years of life with relatively few things touched on it. There is also small finish crack near the input jack, but the crack does not travel through the wood of the body to the otherside. There has been no touch up or repair in this area and none suspected to be needed any time soon.

Always happy to arrange international shipping!

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