The late '20's were a great period for Epiphone Banjos. Design had reached it's apex with the heavy-duty X-flange, a one-piece flange that could rival Gibson's one-piece flange which was being introduced the same year this banjo was made.

Full 22-fret plectrum neck. Heavy-duty arch-top tone-ring and maple-rim construction.
This example has a straight walnut neck, all metal-parts have been lovingly chrome-plated, and both neck and resonator have been professionally refinished... marred only by a ding on the edge of the back of the resonator. Some fret-wear is present.

All of the original hardware is present, including the hand-engraved Grover clam-shell tailpiece and the Grover 2-band geared pegs.

Nearly mint 1960's Vega-style Hard-shell case. From a private collection, this banjo is offered on an AS-IS basis.

Intermountain Guitar and Banjo

Intermountain Guitar and Banjo

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