What a cool rare guitar this is,… 1953 Epiphone Zephyr Deluxe factory fitted with Dearmond Dynasonic pickups hardly ever seen in this format, and its blonde too! Lovely small Epiphone headstock with a rosewood board and cloud inlays. 17 inch bottom bout and 3 ¼ inch deep.body makes this archtop an equivalent to a Gretsch Country club or Gibson ES 300 -350 The guitar is fitted with a 1960’s gold Bigsby B6 with an aftermarket bridge. The original Frequensator tail piece is in the case glove box which I would guess 60’s too.
The guitar still sports its original clear control knobs and pick guard. Some minor binding shrinkage by the nut and end of the fingerboard again very minor for its age but worth mentioning

Year Condition Color Case
1953 Very Good Blonde Hard

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