Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport Tobacco Burst Guitar


Plays fast, sounds great and feels like a dream - the Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport. 

What we think:

The Ernie Ball Music Man company has long been associated with great guitars, and products like this Axis Super Sport are shining examples of why we at SoundPure have such an affinity for them.

Aesthetically, the guitar is gorgeous. The body is somewhat reminiscent of a t-style that has met on common ground with an off-set, yielding a body all it's own and unmistakable. The figured maple top has a great depth to it and the birdseye maple fingerboard and neck is absolutely stunning. The basswood body has a meaty midrange and great clarity that is bolstered even more so by the Custom DiMarzio Humbucking MM90 pickups. The pickups glassy high-end and thick middle work in tandem with the punchy body to create a guitar perfectly crafted for rock and metal. The average radius and small nut size make this guitar friendly for anybody to play.

While suited best for rock and metal, you could find yourself exploring any genre with this diverse beast. Enough punch and clarity to deliver in your face and ferocious tones, but tamed enough to roll back the volume and get some peaceful cleans, the Axis Super Sport is a do-it-all kind of guitar.

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