Eventide H 8000 FW 8 Channel Effects


8 Channel Effects Processor

What we think:

This is simply the most powerful effects processor currently available. Eventide has taking literally everything that they have learned from all of their previous effects units, and piled it into one. Over there previous greatest, the Orville, this unit adds expanded 5.1 capability and presets, a standard ADAT card, and an impressively increased number of presets and effects algorithms. Despite its high price tag, the unit is actually worth every penny!

Manufacturer Description:

Eventide proudly introduces its new eight-channel processor, the H8000 Ultra-Harmonizer brand effects processor. Designed for ultimate flexibility, the H8000 provides the highest quality audio performance combined with over one thousand of our best preset-algorithms culled from over thirty years of developing effects for live sound, broadcast, post-production, and music recording.

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