Type / luthier : Romantic Style Fabrizio Sapienza Guitar
Year of construction: 2016
Scale Length Bridge to nut: roughly 650mm
Nut Width: Approx. 49 mm
Top: Solid Italian Spruce from Trentino Alto Adige Italy with a tight grain in the middle... French Polished
Bracing: Ladder H
Back / Sides: Solid Flamed Maple from Trentino Alto Adige Italy … decorations in Olive Wood from Aquila Abruzzo Region
Neck: Cedar with Ebony/Maple/Rosewood Reinforcement Strip. Spanish flatter profile to the neck.
Fingerboard/bridge: Ebony
Sound:Delicate and soft romantic guitar sound
Condition: Very Good condition

Fabrizio Sapienza is an Italian luthier from Aquila Italy. Trained in the classical luthier school, Fabrizio makes Italian classical style guitars in the Italian ladder and H braced patterns.

Sound and Playability:
Sweet and delicate tone with the tone balanced between bass, mid and treble. The action is very good and it isn’t hard to fret. The guitar feels beautiful in hand.

Unique ORIGINAL features:
1. Beautiful olive wood decorations, with romantic guitar strap button in Olive wood, finger rest plate in Olive wood, and Olive wood inlay at the bottom of the top and side of the guitar.

  1. Beautiful closed Panormo shaped headstock with ebony friction tuning pegs…. Maple veneer… incredibly beautiful

Condition described in detail:
The guitar is COMPLETELY handmade and is in very good condition. There are a few scuffs from finger strumming and there are three scratches on the left lower top of the guitar… these are not cracks! (see photos) They are in the finish and were simply scratches from the shipping company when the guitar was being originally wrapped. The reason for it is because it is french polished therefore even a small fingernail can scratch the finish. Guitar plays like a dream and sounds good. My only reason for selling is that I focus on Lute and Baroque double stringed guitar now. As is. No returns so ask any possible question you have.

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Fabrizio Sapienza
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