Here’s a unique Fairbanks by Vega Whyte Laydie that has an “A” scale maple neck, created by renowned neck maker, Joel Marcus. 

A 23-1/4” scale, with a 1-1/4”nut, all on a 10-3/4” rim, Mr. Marcus crafted a beautiful matching replica maple neck adorned with the ‘Gryphon” pegged ornamentation, and the style 2 inlays including the Vega star at the 5th fret.

The instrument sounds superb in its natural “A” tuning or the standard “G” tuning.

The action is terrific, although perhaps some of the older clawhammer players may want it raised slightly for their particular playing style.

$2,850.00 in a new hard case.

Vintage Gintage

Vintage Gintage

Fairbanks by Vega
Vintage Gintage
Bob Page