2009 Fender MIM Roadworn 60's Stratocaster in Olympic white. The Fender Stratocaster is one of the most iconic guitars in American history, and buying a Mexican made Strat is a great way to get a piece of the action without shelling out the big bucks on a pricey vintage piece. This Road Worn Stratocaster made in 2009 comes packed with years of life and character, without all the issues that come along with buying a guitar with actual age. The guitar looks great as well, with expertly simulated wear on the body, neck, and plastic and metal parts. The finish on the back of the neck has been sanded down from the factory to not only simulate wear, but to provide a silky smooth playing surface. This guitar came from an avid collector and shows very little play wear. The frets have no divots and only show minimal use. Overall the guitar looks like it just came from the factory.

Year Condition Color
2009 Excellent Olympic White Road worn


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