What can you say about having the very 1st set of Prototypes ever made from the most successful line Fender has ever produced ? The word “Relic” has been a name of controversy since its Birth back in 1995. Some think making a guitar old on purpose is sac-religious or just not right. Some of us think it’s so cool to have instant gratification & have it feel old & cool which brings us up to the whole Vintage Guitar phenomenon.

The story goes that Fender wanted to make Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones a Custom Shop Telecaster & he declined stating that if they could make him an “Old” guitar he’d be interested…hence the beginning of the “Relic” line of guitars & basses. We have always thought these “Relic” guitars were the coolest as we have owned so many personally & this set of Prototypes since 2002. Made personally by Vince Cunetto, Fender’s innovative Relic Guru, in his Garage on his own time to show the head boyz what his vision was in regards to this project.

The very 1st Relic made was this 1951 Nocaster, serial # R0001. The 2nd Relic made was this 1954 Stratocaster “Mary Kay” model, serial # R0002. This set was commissioned by Thoroughbred Music in Tampa Florida & was the 1st guitars ever made like it from what was to become Fender’s most successful line of guitars & basses they have ever produced. Made in 1994, these were delivered with the premise that Fender were to borrow them to display at the 1995 NAMM show. Once the show was over & Fender took 130 ordered for copies of this set, they were returned to Thoroughbred Music & sold to a good client of the shop.

In 2002, I got a call from my friend Kent whom ran the guitar section in the shop that test 2 guitars came beck into the shop for sale. I grabbed them with no regrets & have displayed them since in out Museum display. Now up for sale…these are details of each guitar: The Nocaster is the quintessential 1st Fender guitar & has a wonderful Butterscotch finish over an ash body w/a nice fat maple neck & a Black Bakelite pickgard. The Strat, as the Nocaster, is the quintessential “Mary Kay” optioned model having a see-thru Blonde finish over an Ash body w/a full sized maple neck & a single layer white pickgard, she also sports a set of factory Gold Hardware & a tremolo. Both guitars are as new as they were made & have matching Custom Shop Certificates stating “Proto” dated February 1995 & signed by the then head of the Custom Shop, John Page. Please notice the photos of Vince Cunetto working from his shop in his home & the 2 original display signs when on display at Thoroughbred Music back in 1995. Both come with their Tweed hard cases & have whatever case candy that was offered by Fender.

Yes these are expensive, but they are the actual “Prototypes” for Fender’s most successful line & may have saved them from bankruptcy. Having well over 150,000 units made to date, having the 1st 2 ever made is like having the 1st Tele & Strat from the early 50’s , just 45 years later. They will always be the 1st set made & will always be one of the most valuable Fender guitars in its long history. Please grab them if you can.

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