Who doesn’t love a Tweed Champ? Up for sale, we have a 1954 Fender Tweed Champ in very good to excellent all-original vintage condition. The tweed covering has no rips, just an attractive patina of wear. Original metal nail-in feet are intact and in good shape. The Fender logo is clean and nearly perfect. The original leather handle has only minor wear and is completely secured in its original brackets. Hard to find a 65 year old Champ in this kind of condition.

One of the most popular amps of all time for its low-volume mayhem and classic tweed tone. Whether you’re using it in the studio, mic’ing it live, or just playing at home, it will serve you well.

This wide panel Champ with the 5D1 circuit produces about 4 watts. It has one chicken-head knob on the back control panel which doubles as on/off switch and volume control. This particular amp has a unique quirk which we’ve seen only a few times before. Fender mistakenly applied a Princeton label inside and rather than replace the label, they simply crossed out the Princeton name and tube configuration, wrote in Champ and the correct Champ tubes.

This amp is a little gem. Great tone. Super portable. And in all-original collectable condition.

Year: 1954

Make: Fender

Model: 5D1 Tweed Champ

Serial: C4457

Finish: Tweed

Condition: Very Good to Excellent Vintage Condition

Modifications: None

Comments: Super sounding 5D1 Champ in very good to excellent all-original condition.

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