For your consideration a 1957 Fender 5E3 Deluxe tweed! Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons the list of notable users goes on and on. Amps just don’t sound like this anymore! Beautiful warm and lush clean tube tones until you start cranking that volume then you get an unparalleled break up that most people only dream of! At 15 watts all tube its just about the perfect amount of output for most situations. Would make for a fabulous recording amp.

Specs! The power cable has been upgraded to a 3 prong. Some of the caps were replaced. It has a new leather handle. It has been retubed with JJ tubes. It comes with all its original parts. 15 watts all tube. Two 6v6 power tubes, two 12AX7s and a single 5Y3. Original Jenson Alnico 5 12″ speaker. Knobs are Tone, Inst. Vol, Mic Vol.

When you crank this amp peoples heads will turn and ask “what was that!”. The beautiful thing about this amp is how much control the player has. For only two knobs this amp is quite flexible especially when you add in some solid picking dynamics. Keep the volume low for a clean tone that will start to break up as you pick heavier. Or just crank the volume for ruthless overdrive that you wont be able to find anywhere else!

Year: 1957

Model: 5E3 Deluxe

Serial: 0-03399

Condition: This amp is in very good condition.

Modifications: The power cable has been upgraded to a 3 prong. Some caps have been replaced. It has a new leather handle. I has been retubed with JJs. All original parts included.

Comments: Sounds like an atom bomb!

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