Up for grabs a 1963 Fender 5F1 Tweed Champ! Fender introduced their Champ model all the way back in 1948! From that time forward it went through a couple of alterations but none are quit as classic as these 5F1 Tweed champs. The original Champ was a single 6v6 power tube through a 6 inch speaker, putting out about 3 watts. By the 60s they added a 12ax7 to the pre amp circuit ( keeping the 6v6 power tube) and changed the speaker to an 8 inch; it now was putting out 5 watts! People love these amps for there straight forward design and approach. Plug in, turn up and rock! You’ve heard these on hundreds of records! A true classic amp. Amazing sound!

Year: 1963

Model: 5F1 Tweed

Serial: C20032

Finish: Tweed

Condition: This amp is in very good condition.

Modifications: 3-prong power cable added and a non-original speaker.

Comments: Amazing sounding champ!

Thunder Road Guitars PDX

Thunder Road Guitars PDX

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