One of the most consistently awesome vintage amps out there: the Tweed Champ. This one is no exception. It’s loud, gritty, and sweet with a history that makes it special. Someone painted it black at some point but it was stripped back to its original Tweed by a more knowledgeable and loving owner.

5F1 circuit in this 1962 gem delivers all the tone you’d expect. It sounds really righteous. Single knob operation or as we like to say: one knob to rule them all. This amp has been fully serviced and has some replaced caps and resistors, so operationally it’s really solid. Has a replaced power cable with a modern 3-prong plug for safety.

Lastly, this amp comes with a 1960s amp cover, possibly original, certainly of the period. It’s a nice addition to a great vintage package. Don’t let this one slip away. It’s looking for a forever home and we don’t expect it will take long to find its way there.

Year: 1962

Make: Fender

Model: 5F1 Tweed Champ

Serial: C 18894

Finish: Tweed

Condition: Good

Modifications: Was painted black at one point but has since been stripped to its original Tweed; replaced 3-prong power cable; most resistors and caps replaced and the amp has been fully serviced

Comments: Cool 60s Fender Tweed Champ fully serviced and ready to go!

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