Here we have a 1960 Fender 5F6 Bassman amp with a number of modifications, including some interesting vintage parts substitutions. The most important thing is how does it sound? In a word: fantastic!

Powered by two 6L6s delivering about 30 watts. It has the original chassis, choke, and power transformer. Most of the pots are also original. The amp has been recapped. Non-original cabinet, but with original Fender Bassman badge. Replaced output transformer from 1955 and four Jensen speakers also dating from 1955.

The price of this Bassman reflects the modifications which makes it a great deal. You get top dollar tone at less than half the price of an all-original model!

Year: 1960

Make: Fender

Model: Bassman 5F6 Amp

Color: Tweed

Serial: BM03590

Condition: Excellent Condition (with some mods)

Modifications: Non-original cabinet; 1955 output transformer; four 1955 Jensen speakers; some replaced pots; most caps have been replaced

Comments: Not an all-original beast, but a worthy beast nonetheless!

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