Fender 1962 Pro Amp Brownface Guitar Amp - Vintage


Cosmetically refurbished brownface amp tuned up by the uncompromising Superfine Ampworks! Legendary brownface tremolo sound!

What we think:

This is a 'once in a lifetime'-sounding amp.

If you have never heard a brownface 'harmonic' tremolo, prepare yourelf for some of the most musical tremolo sounds you've ever heard. Milky, roiling, pitch-warbling, tube-driven goodness.

And as great as the tremolo is, the amp sounds just as good. Channel 2 has big, bold tone that can only be described as 'juicy'. However if you need a little more headroom, channel 1 bypasses the vibrato circuit entirely giving you an absolutely enormous full-bodied Fender clean sound. With the right guitar, you could record an entire record with just this amp.

To further send this amp into the tonal stratosphere, we had amplifier genius Tim Ristau of Superfine Ampworks do his magic, assessing both the originality of the amp getting it into tip-top condition. Even after his uncompromising eyes passed over this one, most of the non-original pieces are purely cosmetic - a modern 'dogbone' rubber handle, a non-original baffle, new tolex and grillcloth, and a few other minor changes. The circuit itself, from what we can tell, is almost totally original. Edit: After this listing was created, we were made aware that the speaker is a modern-era Jensen P15N.

If you're looking for a beautiful brownface-era amp or are just chasing that pulsating, complex harmonic tremolo sound, look no further because this is your amp. Call Soundpure today for more details! 

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