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Unplayed. These are accurate acoustic guitar amps. Many recording studios use pairs of these as vocal monitors because they are so clean and reproduce without added color or distortion. I love that you can add a vocal mike to it and take it to a gig without needing a back operation. Has a kickstand. Over $500 new.

Atomic Guitars

Atomic Guitars

Brand New
br tollex
$250 down from $350 28 % off
Atomic Guitars
Charles Damga
Cell:917 975 9292
Southampton, NY
1:28 PM
Email is best. Call me Eastern time 9-8 cellphone- 917 975 9292,

Bank transfers from Europe, U.S. A. personal check (cashiers checks are no longer necessary since they take almost as long as regular checks to clear), US MONEY ORDERS, no paypal or credit cards

Your cost, US POST to Europe or GXG. in the USA UPS Ground is cheapest I charge $35 to pack an instrument- $15 of that cost is the box.

48 hours on receipt, flexible. Only one return in 15 years