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Dropped the price $100 as of 6/23/21! New price is respectfully 100% firm. Priced to move fast!

This guitar is an absolute mess. Currently has no tuners or electronics. Has a hardtail bridge currently installed, though it originally had a floating trem system. This guitar has been routed, has holes in it, a nail in it, has been refinished, torn up, and so much more. When this originally came it, it was COVERED in big stickers that covered all the holes and had the jack plate installed in the back under where it would typically be on the front. Turns out they routed straight through as pictured. Surprisingly, it actually played awesome just how it was when it came in. 

I peeled the stickers off and that revealed all of the interesting history behind this guitar. I intended on filling the holes, refinishing it, and restoring it do giggable condition as this would be awesome once it finished, but I have not had the time. The neck does show some wear but is overall in good shape, much better than the body.

This is rough, but I'm sure can be awesome with someone who can put the time in!

Not willing to part out or sell the neck separately. 

Sold strictly as-is, no returns or refunds.

Please see pictures for exact condition and details.

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for looking!
A Flash Flood of Gear

A Flash Flood of Gear

A Flash Flood of Gear
Alex Budnick
Merritt Island, Florida
12:16 AM
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