This head has had a number of modifications done to it. The story behind it is it is an early Trainwrek modified head by Ken Fischer. We do not have any documentation to back this up. Also we have had a small number of people that were very close to Ken look at all of the photos of the amp and no one was able to verify for sure one way or the other if Ken did the mods or not? A few other tech guys who know Ken’s work felt it was not Ken’s work. So I am going to say the general consensus is it is not a Trainwreck modified head by Ken. So we are selling it as a heavily modified 1970 Dual Showman Reverb head. I have tried to describe it as best I can below. It is a unique mod and the first channel has an amazing amount of gain. More pictures are available.

Front panel: The first channel is the high gain channel with master volume and preamp controls. It has loads of gain and no overdrive or gain pedals are needed what so ever. It will clean up (still has a crunch, not completely clean) or get very dirty depending on how you set the master and preamp controls but works best as a kick ass rock channel. It has a two-way mini toggle switch that goes from dark to bright. The reverb also works on this channel.

The second channel is clean and warm and sounds better than any stock Showman of this era that I have ever played. The reverb is huge and deep.

To the far right you have a presence control and XCZRN controls. The XCZRN control is very subtle and cranked up it gives a slightly fuller tone. The presence control is also subtle.

Rare panel: There is a pentode/triode switch, Full/Half power switch (the amp is currently set up with 2X EL-34’s and can get very loud if desired), 6L6/EL-34 Bias switch.

I am not a tech so I will not be able to answer specific questions on the modifications. It’s a unique amp for someone who is looking for something different. Cosmetic condition is what you see in the pictures and I would call it player's condition/very good. It’s missing the back panel and has an orange AC cable.

The tube chart is intact but I don’t see a production stamp on it. Based on the output transformer and the date inside the chassis in red, it is a 1970 model. 904-400-8057

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