I wish I could say this was a factory brown Bassman but it isn't even though the previous owner insists that it is. There were a few made but they would have been from 1960. It's a 59 tweed that has been covered in Fender correct brown Tolex. If it was factory brown and original, I'd be selling it for $20,000. Rumor has it that Fender would re-cover your tweed amp in brown Tolex if you sent it back in the early 60's. I've never seen real documentation of this. The Tolex is really well done, so maybe? The amp section is clean but has recently had a bunch of caps changed-see photos. Currently, it's set up to gig with two vintage (not reissue) '60 Jensen P10Q's and two Celestion Gold Alnicos. This is a killer combination. You get the vintage vibe from the Jensens and the high power rated Celestions keep you from trashing $2000 worth of Jensens (if all four were original P10R's). The tone is to die for. Handle is repro. Cabinet had wheels at some point, so there are filled holes in the bottom.

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