Up for sale is a super clean 1960 Fender Bassman. The amp is 90% original, the only things not original are; Handle, Electrolitic caps, two Astron caps and the original cord. and a beautiful recover. These items will be shipped with the amp. This one is very clean, with a no rust chassis and very clear lettering. As seen in the pictures all transformers are original, as are the four P10Q speakers with original cones. If your looking for a nearly original 60 Bassman with all the parts that count, without the $12,000.00 price tag, this the one.
If your looking, you probably know the reputation of a 60 Bassman with P10Q's. This amp sounds killer with any pick up type, and enough headroom for pedals. Shipping is a flat $120.00 which includes insurance.
SO Cal Vintage Gear

So Cal Vintage Gear

So Cal Vintage Gear
Leff Rogers