First things first. This amp has been re-tweeded. Decent enough job. Re-grilled as well. Next, the speakers are vintage Jensen P10R's-all from the 50 or early 60's. Fender only used blue back Jensens. This amp has two silver backs (with bells) and a bronze colored one and a black one. Cones appear to be original in the silver ones. Not sure about the other two. Good news: the panel is near perfect and the amp- sounds like a Bassman should sound. Most of the caps have been done and a bias pot has been added (that's a good thing if you're a tinkerer). All transformers are original (another good thing). A set of original Bassman trannies can sell for $2500. In fact, you could part this amp out and make about $1000. The handle should be a dog bone but whoever did the re-tweed decided to use a leather handle. The back panels are repro. The Bassman 5F6-A is widely considered to be the best guitar amp ever made. It's loud and not the most practical amp in the world but for its output (45 watts), it isn't all that heavy and it takes pedals very well. Do you need 45 watts? Nobody needs 45 watts these days with everything going through the PA. But sitting at home while the wife is out with her book group, 45 watts is just enough to satisfy your primal urge to rock out loud. It goes to 12. That's two louder than 10. I have lots of original 5F6-A's but why spend $10K if you aren't a collector and all you want is that classic Bassman tone. You can buy a clone like a Victoria or you can have the real thing for about $1500 more. Sounds like a lot today but it won't when you go to sell it. Chart says JL which is December 1960 making this one of the last to leave the factory. No returns on vintage tube amps.

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