Offered for sale;

Used 1969 Fender Bassman amp head and speaker cabinet serial numbers A51991 and P54422. This amp head and speaker cabinet are in very good condition, fully functional. Cosmetically showing the expected amount of wear and patina for a “piggy back” that has seen playing time but not abuse.

This model year is a “CBS” era “drip edge” aka “aluminum trim” silver grille surround molding featuring the AB165 circuit.

We could extol the virtues of the iconic Bassman amps endlessly (this being in the middle of its evolution). Let’s just say that when the Bassman debuted it "Set the Bar" for bass and guitar amps to follow. Not laden with features (no reverb, no tremolo, and certainly no distortion) what you get is pure all tube power and tone that is still hard to replicate.

The bass channel of the AB165 and is much richer and deeper than the normal channel of any AB763 amps due to its being voiced for bass guitars. This channel also features a deep switch that can cut the lowest frequencies, which can be helpful when using different speaker cabinets where you need to adjust the lower frequencies.

The normal channel is very suitable for guitar players and often preferred due to the extra beef that the larger transformers offer.

The Bassman with the AB165 circuit sounds “browner” than the AB763-amps, and it has more preamp distortion and mids at a higher volume.

This is a great piece of Fender amp evolution, unmolested, honest and ready for more!

Local pickup only.

“We test every used amp and pedal when we buy it and bring it up to our standards before we offer it for sale. Then we burn it in for an hour or so before we ship so that there are no surprises.”


Weight lbs.: 115 (head and cab)

Width in.: (head: 22) (cab: 29)

Depth in.: (head:8) (cab: 11)

Height in.: (head: 8) (cab: 39)


Rectifier: SS

Preamp: 12AT7, 12AX7, 12AX7, 12AX7

Power: 6L6 x 2

Speaker Codes: two 15” 137-6849 [CTS 49th week of 1968]


Power: 606818

Choke: -606-8-49

Output: 606903

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