Here's Your Chance to Grab Your Piece of Music History - A Nearly Mint 1958 Fender Champ Amp Awaits!

Bay Area Vintage Guitars is proud to offer this all-original, barely-touched 1958 F51 Fender Champ Amp.

This amp still has a musical story, and I obtained it from the original owner's son, meaning just one family cherished this amp for over 60 years. It's been loved and only played gently at home, keeping its soul and sound intact all these years. The original owner's family, residing in Utah's dry climate, kept this amp free from rust or corrosion, preserving its clean condition.

It's not just about its past; this amp's got the credentials, too. A respected guitar shop gave it a thumbs-up on originality, with the only tweaks being a new handle (made by the original owner) and a new plug-minor updates that don't mess with its authentic vibe. Every detail, from the Date Code (HG) on the tube chart to the same code on the speaker frame and inside the amp, confirms it's the real deal from July '58.

The Tweed cover is in stunning shape for its 66 years. The original speaker, transformer, volume control, and internal components are all untouched, offering that pure, unaltered Fender sound. The technician who built it even put the "Lupe" label inside, a nod to its original maker.

For those who know, these Champ amps pack a tonal punch out of this world. They embody the essence of that sought-after vintage 50s Fender sound - warm, rich, and full of character. This isn't just an amp; it's a treasure, a must-have for collectors and players alike who appreciate the unmatched presence and tone of a vintage Fender.

Don't sleep on this. You're not just buying an amp; you're owning a piece of music history. This 1958 Fender Champ is a rare gem waiting to make its mark on your music. Grab it before it's gone!

We ship insured FedEx ground to the continental US.

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