Who wouldn’t love a 1959 Fender Champ lap steel? Especially this one, has all the charm and more. To us from Somewhere in Florida, beats me as to where but it certainly has played some music though I can’t imagine what kind. Hula stuff to woo all the palm trees there? Western swing through the South way back then? Way cool original Desert Sand (do I have that name right?) Fender paint job on body, nicely worn. Just completely and thoroughly dismantled, gone over and brought up to sparkling playing condition by yours truly, and every single little detail is 100% up to par, maybe even 101%. Tuners removed, serviced, lubed and given classy new black buttons; intonation adjustment screws lubed and adjusted; pots (original and untouched, date to 1959) thoroughly cleaned; the works, totally ready to go as the day it was new in 1959. Original tweed hard shell case, admittedly seen better days (hole in one end, no idea, dint get to the guitar though; handle replaced, remnants of orig in the case). Original 1959 Strat pickup in there too untouched and don’t you dare even think of swiping it. This ultra-cool 1950s Fender lap steel is the bestest. A fabulous deal at only $1095 w/ohsc

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