1960 Fender Tweed Champ Amp. This is a clean, and 100% original example of this iconic, and highly prized, Fender Amp other than a replaced handle.

The amp functions beautifully, sounds awesome, and has only a modest amount of wear. The amp is in very good condition, both in look and function.

The amp date code is IJ (October 1959), the serial number is C 11XXX.

The filter caps show very slight leaking, although voltages measured at the filter caps are perfectly in spec. While this is a good indication that the filter caps are not leaking voltage excessively, most good techs will recommend replacing the filter caps. We leave them as they are, as collectors, who will only play the amp occasionally, will certainly prefer things left as original. (See more notes below on filter cap replacement.)

The speaker is original with original cone, and is in excellent working condition. The sound of the amp is amazing, exactly what you would expect from a late '50's Tweed Champ.

Tubes are old stock US made, with an RCA rectifier, a Sylvania Power tube, and a Tung Sol pre amp tube. Tubes measure 100% for the rectifier, and 95% for the power tube and pre amp tube on my tube tester.

With that said, all tube amp purchases are final, and we offer no returns or refunds. Tube amps have high voltages, vacuum tubes, and 50+ year old technology, wiring and components. There is a lot to go wrong, and regular servicing may be needed with any old tube amp.

At buyer discretion, we will be happy to replace the filter caps at no additional charge. We have, in stock, NOS US made Mallory Blue Filter Caps, the finest caps money "could" buy, as they are no longer available. We install the blue caps and use the original orange covers such that the amp still looks original. If buyer prefers to have their own tech service the amp, that is fine, and we will ship as is.

Please click on Blue Tab above, "Photo Set," to see additional high resolution images.

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