1960 Custom Esquire. This is a gorgeous, all original example. The earliest Custom Telecasters and Esquires, manufactured in '59-'60, feature the 1st generation 3-Tone Sunburst finishes. These guitars had the dark brown edges, rather than the black, and the red portion of the sunburst tended to fade away, leaving what eventually looks like a mid to late 50's two tone sunburst finish. On this particular guitar, the red has faded rather completely, and evenly, on both front and back of the guitar. What is left is a quite handsome two tone finish! Check out the photos with the guard removed, to see the remaining unfaded red.

This early finish, along with the slab board neck, renders these early Customs one of the most highly sought after Telecaster/Esquire models, along with Black Guards, and late '54-'58 maple board Teles. The later Customs, with the "target" 3-tone finishes, with black edges, yellow center, and bright red sunburst, do not compare with these early models.

However, one drawback of slab board Fender guitars, is that the necks are often quite thin. Measurements at the 1st fret are often in the .760" - .780" range. But this particular Custom Esquire, has a bigger neck, measuring .804" at 1st fret, and .984" at the 12th fret. Additionally, it has a nice full "B" nut width, at 1.66". These measurements put this example solidly in the medium range, as far as neck size and feel.

This Custom Esquire is quite light, tipping the scale at 6.9 lbs. The pickup measures a perfect 6.5K Ohms. The serial number is 44XXX. Both body and neck are dated 8/60.

Everything is right about this guitar. The sound is wonderful. Playing the bottom strings, open, down near the nut, with the switch in the straight through position (no tone control), reveals and unbelievable "honky tonk" experience, not to be missed!

The original "Ash Tray" bridge cover is included, as is what appears to be the original cord and strap. And, while we won't be shipping any party favors with the guitar, there is a box of official Fender branded matches in the case, and the buyer may choose to be creative with those, as owning this guitar will surely be cause for celebration!

The guitar ships in its original, gold lined, brown Tolex hard shell case. The case is immaculate, with one significant flaw. The right hand latch is broken. As if the case is trying to compensate in some way, the left hand latch opens with a very satisfying snap, as the spring is still perfectly functional.

We offer this guitar with full confidence that the buyer will be absolutely thrilled upon receipt. A finer Custom Esquire may not exist.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Keep the guitar for 48 hours and if not fully satisfied, return for a full refund minus shipping charge.

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