Bernie Marsden - 2000 Fender Custom Shop John Cruz Masterbuilt Limited Edition 'Pre-Production' Rory Gallagher Stratocaster limited edition electric guitar, made in USA, ser. no. R9880; Body: sunburst heavy relic; Neck: heavy relic; Fretboard: rosewood; Frets: good; Electrics: working; Hardware: good; Case: original hard case with certificate of authenticity, tags and accessories, bearing 'Bernie Marsden' stencil to the case lid; Weight: 3.60kg; Overall condition: very good

  • This is an original John Cruz Masterbuilt 1 of 40 run from the Fender Custom Shop from 2000, made for the European market. Rory's brother Donal took his original Stratocaster to LAX airport where Mike Eldred from the Fender Custom Shop took possession of it. Mike, along with John Cruz and John English then carefully examined every facet and measured every detail with Cruz then building the original prototypes. From this process, forty were hand-built By John Cruz and sent to Europe. The demand over the following years for this guitar resulted in the Fender Custom Shop producing the Rory Gallagher Stratocaster ever since 2004

A recent acquisition in Bernie's collection, having been a lifelong fan of Rory Gallagher. Sold with a sales invoice for Worcester Guitar Centre dated 16/01/19 with the guitar listed as a 'Fender Rory Gallagher Stratocaster John Cruz one of forty limited run'

Guitar Auctions at Gardiner Houlgate

Guitar Auctions at Gardiner Houlgate

Fender Custom Shop
Very Good
Relic Sunburst
Original Hard
8 Years
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