Ok so how do I start...well I had this one in my collection....I only keep one strat...I wanted it to be this.  I just LOVE this.  It is the best modern Fender I have played...period.  It has SO many factory upgrades.  It was tricked out by Fender to represent the best of what the standard Custom Shop could produce...think of it like a generic Masterbuilt.   It sounds like an early 60s vintage strat...jangles and the cleans just freaking blow me away.   I never thought a Custom Shop could move me like this did.

This is not an ordinary piece from Fender.  First off it has a SELECT LIGHT WEIGHT BODY (Ash).  The whole guitar weights just 7lb-1oz.   Second is has a thin NITRO finish and custom seafoam green sparkle finish (note I am also selling the matching Tele...hint hint).  Third it has a COMPOUND RADIUS of 9.5"-12".    The neck measures a perfect .83"-.985".

You can see all the specs and detailed condition if you look in the PICTURES.  The real thing to note is the pickups are Bare Knuckles (not certain of exact model) and the ORIGINALS ARE IN THE CASE.  YES it comes with the Cert, Stratp and ORIGINAL CASE.  From a loving home use nonsmoking environment.

Get a COOL 1-off that guitar at a fraction of a Masterbuilt..but this kills any Masterbuilt I've had.



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