Our presentation of this Pamelina- painted '94 Playboy Strat is a direct appeal to the collectors of early Fender Custom Shop guitars. I say that because I can't imagine someone getting up onstage with one of these guitars and playing it- nope, that would surely get you the stink eye from somebody in the crowd (which is what I get from the wife every time we get one of these guitars in here.) This piece is all show and one of our very favorites from the John Page- era. I read that it took Pamelina Hovnatanian a year to paint all 175 of these Strats and it certainly shows in the detail and artistry. I also must say that to see one of these guitars always reminds me of that first issue of Playboy magazine from 1953, the one that sent shockwaves around the world. While it was so very cutting edge back then, it would be considered mild by today's standard. That said, we did actually plug this Strat in and gently test it out. Surprise- it sounds great and has a nice, vintage- style tone. Especially with the tone knob dialed back- now you're in Stevie Ray Vaughn territory with a Playboy Strat. Never thought I'd utter those words, but it is a reality. The package is complete and in absolute collector quality condition. Rare, collectible and exceptionally fine- that's us in a nutshell and what you'll always find when you visit the land of the 'Elk. Please feel free to call or email with any requests on this exquisite collector's guitar.

Year Condition Color Case
1994 Near Mint Black/ Marilyn Monroe Original Hard


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