A one of kind Stratocaster made by Fender Custom Shop in the year of 1998. The original owner sold the guitar at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville in April 2000, and one of our friend in US who introduced us "The second owner want to sale the guitar" and now we got it!!
100% original in Mint condition (Never played) with original sales recipt of Gruhn Guitars in 2000, and Mr. George Gruhn's opnion letter.
He described about the guitar...."It was constructed as a special commemorative 75th Anniversary Walt Disny model. The instrument is in mint condition. The body has been carved by George Amicay of the Fender Custom Shop with Dumbo,Micky Mouse, The Cheshire Cat, Pinnochio, The Lion King, and the Little Mermaid. A therr dimensinal pearl carved Tinkerbell is affixed to thr peghead and the fingerboad is inlaied with pearl stars. The neck and bpby have been painted by Disny animator Chris Schnable. The guitar was priduced as a joint effort between the Fender CCompany and the Disny Corporation. This particular instrument was featured in Guitar Player Magazine and was presented by the Disny Corporation in a specail 75th anniversary Disny contest. Since this is a one of kind instrument, it does not appear in any Fender catalog, not did it have a standardized list price, however, it was evaluated by the Disny Corporation and Fender at $40,000 for the purposes of the contest and the contest winner sighned tax forms indicating that value when he was presented with the insturment. It is our opinion, therefore that it shoud be insured for that amont"
Serious offer only, please!!

H. I. Guitars Inc. "Strato-Crazy"

H. I. Guitars Inc. "Strato-Crazy"

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