7 lbs. 14 oz.

Oh boy! OH BOY!!! This is a nice one!!! All original, with the ashtray and original hangtag! Great guitar. Not a feather, not heavy. Right down the middle. Great feeling neck, a hair on the larger, rather than smaller side of this era. Fits great in your hand. The first couple frets have some divots that do not affect playability, but the rest are in great shape. Plays great, feels great, SOUNDS great. Both pickups sound beautiful, and the middle position is beautiful as well. A nice looking see-thru brown over a nice looking piece of ash. Nice grain pattern to it. What's REALLY nice is how tight the neck pocket is. Important on a 3-Bolt. This one's neck fits the body with the quality level of a boutique guitar. The team was on top of their game when they made this one. It's stayed in nice shape over the years, just a few small dings through the finish on the body only. The neck's finish is flawless, except for one ding on the underside of the headstock. Only visible if you hold the guitar upside down. Looks more like a reissue than a 40 year old guitar. Be Keith Richards in brown. Brown sugar. Or, if you want, you can be just like Keith and paint it black, but that'll bring the value down a lot. Mean and clean, with original hardcase with the rare rust colored lining. A great example of the better side of '70s CBS production. They got it right sometimes, this is one of those times. Somebody come get this thing before we decide to keep it...


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