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Super rare 1955 Fender Tweed Deluxe "5D3" produced in a very small quantity early that year just before switching to the narrow panel. These were the rarest of the Deluxe amps and combine a sweeter bottom end while also delivering that saturated overdrive tone of the later narrow panel models. Perfect Combination! The later models lack the bottom end of this particular amp which is especially noticeable when using a P90 or humbucking guitar. That said I am a Fender player and prefer this over the narrow panel tone with my Strat and Tele guitars. Amazing all original condition since it has not been used much and spent it's life hiding out in a desert closet. Near zero humidity equals "MINT" condition and the electronics are as it left the factory in 1955, as new! Comes with it's original very clean cover. Whether you are a tone freak or collector this will prove to be an excellent investment...
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AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars

AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars

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AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars
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