So you're looking for a seriously vibey; mostly original deluxe with that unreal tweed tone?
Don't fret, BMVG has you covered!

56 Deluxe with the coveted 5E3 circuit; this is the one everyone wants and for good reason.
Plenty loud enough to gig but not painfully loud like a Bassman. You can absolutely dime these little monsters and bask in the glory of its snarly mid focused breakup, use your volume pots and you'll find the chimey, sparkly cleans that 50's fenders are renowned for. There really isn't anything these bad boys can't do, a must have for any collector or player.

Aside from a speaker change, grounded power chord and a couple of caps this little monster is all there, functions perfectly.
The important tone caps, transformers & vintage glass take it the rest of the way.
Recently serviced, she's dialed in and ready to go!

This thing looks the part, sounds the part and is everything you'd expect it to be and more!
Don't hesitate to reach out for more info!

Black Magic Guitars

Black Magic Guitars

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Black Magic Guitars
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