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Hands down, the most underpriced amplifier on the market....SUPER CLEAN! Have looked at the competition and there is none cleaner out there. Like a brand new amp!
THIS ONE BEING FROM THE SOUTHWEST DESERT, NEAR ZERO HUMIDITY, IS VERY VERY SPECIAL! WHY? No corrosion anywhere. Especially inside the transformers, where normally the tone is dampened from moisture. Not with a desert amp and is why these are such a hidden and valuable find in vintage amps. The speaker was changed but it is easy to find the originals advertised at $200 or less if you desire that. That said the speaker now sounds better so if you are a player you would want to leave it as is. There is no stain on the grill, lighting thing.
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AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars

AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars

13 Years
$4,500 down from $4,900
AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars
Owner Peter Trauth.
Henderson, NV
10:02 AM
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