The real McCoy! Pretty stupid clean all there example of one of Fenders most iconic amps. We bought a large collection of Blackface Fender amps, if you are looking for one we have it, and this is one of the coolest. The amp is almost 100% stock (by totally stock I mean original transformers, tone components, LDR, caps, solder joints etc, like it left the factory). What looks to be replaced is one 100K plate resistor. One preamp tube socket, the tremolo socket does match the other 5, but the solder joints look original, so just throwing that out there. Otherwise, all 1966 Southern Cali magic. We brought it up slowly on a variac, with a solid state rectifier and put more DC voltage to the caps then they would see with the GZ34 rectifier. Works and sounds great. Original 2 pin AC cable- I highly recommend a 3 pin/by passing the ground switch, and will include that in the price. Some light wrinkling of the vinyl on one side, like the glue didn't hold, but no signs of it ever being damp. Original 12" speaker, foot switch, and really nice. Thanks for looking!

Coleman Music

Coleman Music

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Coleman Music
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