Here it is! Last of the blackfaces...

Owner of this amp claimed it hadn't been played or looked at since about '72.

Really clean one owner blackface Deluxe Reverb! No tolex or grill tears. Completely original including footswitch. Has original Mullard rectifier and USA RCA long plate power tubes. Mix of RCA/Telefunken preamps. Inside circuit is untouched with original blue molded caps. All transformers are correct and date 27th, 34th, 48th of '66. Original cone Oxford speaker dates the 34th week of 1966. Even the filter caps are 100% original and none are showing signs of leaking or dimpling. No hum or noise associated with needing a cap job...

The Reverb does bleed into the normal channel indicating a bypass capaciter is going South BUT, we decided not to change it and keep the inside circuit 100% original. Who really cares if you get Reverb on the Normal channel???

The ONLY thing that has been changed is grounded AC cord, the original DOES come with the amp though. One more thing, there is no date code ink stamp on the tube chart but we've seen this before and is not unusal.

Original cover!

Yes, it sounds amazing as you would expect.


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