Introduced in late 1965, this model had unusual split pickups, much like a Precision bass. As with most twelve string guitars,Designed by Leo Fender, the Fender Electric XII was introduced with the bulk of the production taking place in 1966. The model was discontinued around 1970. Unlike its competitors’ electric 12-string models, which were simply existing 6-string guitars with six more strings, the Fender Electric XII was a ground-up 12 string designed to capture part of the folk-rock market. The headstock was different from Fender’s usual 6 on-a-side shape, and is sometimes referred to as a "hockey stick". Leo Fender’s bridge design for this model is very simple, works well, and may be one of Fender's best designs of the 1960s,some touchup to the back and side,the bridge has an individual saddle for each string, allowing for precise intonation. A string-through-body design also helps to increase sustain.

Candy Apple Red was Leo’s favorite Fender color. Every other custom color was picked right off the Dupont color chart, but Fender had CAR custom mixed to its exact specification.

It was also the only Fender option that required a more labor intensive multi-step color coat, using a metallic silver or gold base coat with a translucent red topcoat for superior richness and depth.

Your guitar will be cleaned and setup with new strings.

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