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Do you like members of your vintage guitar collection to be book referenced? If you do, can we tempt you to a stunning, late 1964 Fender Jaguar in factory original Black complete with its original Tolex case? If that is indeed the case, read on!

Here we have something very special indeed. You are looking at the late 1964 Fender Jaguar in factory original Black which features in the book Fender The Golden Age 1946-1970 on page 167. Take a moment to check our Sold Gallery, you’ll see that JTKM STUDIO’s first sale was that of the 1965 Fender Jaguar in Sherwood Green which features on the preceding page. Both of these Fender Jaguars were purchased at the same time in 2018 and this is the first time the Black Fender Jaguar has entered the market since. Although it is stated as a 1965 in the book and most likely completed its built during 1965, all parts date to 1964.

As always, we let the photos are short video do most of the talking in terms of its condition. Take a look at how clean and fade-free the Black finish is, with only minimum chips to the finish. The Black still shines and gleams without the typical clouding to the finish which is very typical for Black.

When we search for Fender guitars from the latter part of 1964 to mid-1965, we pass on quite a lot of them for one particular reason, that being the neck profile. If they have a thin and weedy feeling neck we do not take them on. Some, but not all Fender Jaguar’s for this period have a really full and fat feeling neck and this is exactly the case with the Black Jaguar we have here. For us, this is what makes Fender guitars from this period very special. Take a moment to see how the wonderful dark fingerboard fits nicely with the factory Black and matching headstock. The neck date is December 1964 with a B nut width.

When this Jaguar was sold to its previous owner it was done so under the impression that it was all original and issue free. It is indeed all original but the original nut was far from issue free. The original nut had to be replaced and it has been expertly done with an exact spec, aged bone nut. In fact, if I didn’t tell you I imagine you would never know. Here at JTKM STUDIO we value our integrity when accurately authenticating our stock.

Internally, the Jaguar is 100% factory original, none of the solder joints have been broken, repaired or touched-up. The pickups are very strong and well-balanced with outputs reading 6.08 ohms at the neck and 5.91 ohms at the bridge. The pots, which are Stackpole branded, date to the 50th week of 1964.

The Jaguar sounds exactly as a good Jaguar sounds with crisp and clear clarity which reaches its true potential when played through a period correct Fender amp and Reverb tank. If you want a great pre CBS Jaguar in original and clean factory black, this is it!
There you have it, another collector grade piece here at JTKM STUDIO with the added sweetness of being book referenced.

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