Production of the Fender Jaguar began in 1962.

Externally similar to the Jazzmaster, with an asymmetrical body with a single cut, the Jaguar is very different from its big sister.

With a reduced scale of 24 inches, it is the first guitar from Fender to have twenty-two frets on the neck. Its two single coil pickup sare narrower than those of the Jazzmaster and have a toothed metal plate, which according to Leo Fender was supposed to concentrate the magnetic flux and thus increase the output level. Although Jaguar and Jazzmaster share the same principle of two independent circuits, the more complex Jaguar lead circuit iscontrolled by three “on / off” selectors placed on the lower part of the body;the first two activate the neck and bridge pickups respectively, the third aresistor that acts as a high-pass filter, producing a characteristic high tone.

Another peculiarity of the Jaguar is the presence of a retractablerubber device, or mute, allowing to choke the strings, a function appreciated by surf guitarists. Like the Jazzmaster, the Jaguar uses a unique"floating" vibrato system, very different from the Stratocaster's synchronized vibrato.

Leo Fender preferred the design of the floating system, which allows the bridge and strings to move longitudinally when the vibrato baris activated, and therefore does not disturb the tuning of the guitar.

Guitare Collection is proud to present this very rare Fender Jaguar L Serial from 1965 in an Olympic White Finish with Matching Headtstock. This beast has a beautiful wear on its body, with very singular and recognizable varnish stripes.
The guitar is fully original except from the tuners which has been changed by reproduction models. The bridge has also been replaced by a Mastery Bridge for a better intonation setting, but the original one is in the case.

A very easy to play guitar, with low action and a great playing comfort, thanks to the settings of our resident luthier.

Hardcase : Yes (original)
Weight : 3.7Kg
Nut's width : 41.9 mm

It's only at Guitare Collection Paris!



Olympic White Matching Headstock
Original Hard
7 Years
Daniel Zeiller
PARIS, Ile de France
7:41 PM
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